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04 March 2017 @ 09:58 am
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EDIT: I rotated all these fuckin photos in photobucket and apparently it didn't save them so fuck it lmao
09 November 2016 @ 01:31 pm
happy post election day

27 July 2015 @ 08:38 pm
it's supposed to be sunny and 90s for the foreseeable future unnnnghhhh noooo go back to the constant rain i'm melting and too tired to shave my legs
15 February 2015 @ 10:38 am
At work yesterday, about 1:15, look out the window and everything is strangely gray.
Five minutes later, look out the window and everything is white, can't see the parking lot, can't see the road.
Leave work into 3 fresh inches of snow.
Drive home at 10mph the entire way behind a line of cars with their hazards on.

And now

This is bullshit~~
08 January 2015 @ 08:53 am

There is nothing fair about this
19 December 2014 @ 08:26 pm
Got a bottle of vodka from our radio station rep for Xmas yeaaaaahhhh
25 September 2014 @ 10:47 pm
It has not rained since the 13th.
It is not supposed to rain til the 4th.
08 September 2014 @ 09:47 pm
So I didn't watch the Steelers game but I did hear about Antonio Brown fulfilling every Pittsburgher's dream of kicking a person from Ohio in the face.

I'm basically tired all the time anymore pfft.

Mom's party went well, she was totally surprised and had a blast. Of course like the next week her boyfriend broke up with her and now they are sorta together I guess. Idk. I ended up spending the long weekend with her and she was miserable and it was pretty awful. I guess she's lonely, she's been texting me a lot.

My cousin Jay's girlfriend is looking for a place to live, he brought her by the other day to see the place so that's a possibility.

I actually weighed myself the other day and if it's correct, I've dropped down to 110 since my doctor's appointment in March. That's surprising. I don't really see much difference. But my mom's scale and my Wii balance board both give me the same weight so who knows.

Ahhh I need a new job. We're still so busy I can't even get caught up and no one even cares.
14 June 2014 @ 11:11 am
So I had a vibration in my right front tire and I was just going to ride it out til inspection next month but I ended up getting really freaked out and taking it to the shop. The guy couldn't find anything wrong but did my inspection anyway, got 2 new tires and did a rotation and whatever it was went away so. IDK.

The reason I mention this is because my auto repair place is on West Carson Street and my mom usually drops the car off for me on her way in to work and I then borrow her car. So we did that and the guy called me and said the car was done and since he closed at 5 he would just put the key under the floor mat and lock the car and we'd come pick it up around 6. Well my mom didn't have a spare key so we made plans to meet there, I would give her her car back and use my key to get into mine and give her her key back, so she got off the bus there and was waiting for me to come from work to trade cars.

Which would have been fine except as I'm driving there, this fucker is approaching:

(not my picture, but I saw it cruising in over McKees Rocks as I was driving)

I was already doing 90 on the Parkway to get home faster because I didn't want Mom to have to wait for me. I made it there just as it was starting to rain and we decided we'd go to Eat N Park and have dinner together so we went there and as soon as we got inside that cloud unleashed a massive downpour complete with wind blowing shit over and crazy fucking lightning. Even buses were pulling off the road to wait it out. It was awesome and it is a good thing I drive like my dad or else my mom would have been deeply unhappy with me.

But it was so cool seeing the cloud come in, usually you can't see them roll in like that because when it rains it just gets cloudy gradually and then the clouds just get darker and darker til it rains pfft.

So my roommate packed up and left while I was at work one day a few weeks ago haha. Like the day after I posted about wondering if she was still alive. I got home and her key was on the kitchen table and I looked in the spare room and all her shit was gone so. Eh. I still have her money so too bad for her I guess. So I'm back to looking for a roommate. She didn't even say like "hey I'm leaving" or anything and I talked to her like three times in total so I don't think it was anything I did but idk. Weirdo. :V

I ended up having to go downtown for jury duty selection and that sucked. I missed a full day of work because of that bullshit but they didn't pick me because I told them it would be a financial hardship. But I still had to sit around there all day. It was civil court and their courtroom/jury lounge is a lot shittier than when I went to criminal court. I also learned that the bus driver who does Neville Island is a dickhole. I did bring my netbook and got about 4k words written in UD though so I guess it wasn't a total loss.

And I worked that Saturday to make up some of the hours I lost. I'm here at work again today. Very exciting. It's still crazy busy and all the people are here looking for last minute father's day shit.

Sooo onwards into my dating life. I went on a few dates with this guy who never shuts up, ever. Like he'll talk and talk and talk and that will remind him of another topic and he'll talk about that and that reminds him of this other thing and he'll talk for another ten minutes on that, but back to the original subject, blah blah BLAH jesus christ shut the fuck up no wonder you're single. I got a few free meals out of it but that's not enough compensation for being what is basically a therapist for this dude jesus. Even tho Mad Mex burritos are really awesome.

What eeeelse....nothing. It's summer and I am not doing shit. And I've only been here an hour this is going to go so slooooow. I don't feel like doing artwork though. :T My head hurts and I hate people.

OH yeah and as I write about doing nothing at work, I got a raise of $1 an hour so that's p cool. Johnna basically said that her accountant told her not to do it but she didn't feel it would be fair to me not to and that she knew it wasn't much but she hopes to do more as the business grows. Which is pretty cool. It's been a little insane here over the past few months and she really wants to fire the one kid downstairs who is super slow and weird but we don't have anyone to replace him at this point so.

But I guess she was talking to the girl who was the graphic artist here before me, Ashley, about taking over that job. But she is conflicted because she doesn't want it to cause friction between her (Ashley) and myself over my job, and that she won't get paid what she used to because she would be doing what is essentially grunt work. In a way it would be nice to have her because it's stuff she knows how to do so that would cut down on the training, and it would be nice to have someone else who knows how to ring register and help customers, but Johnna said she's not as good with customers as I am. So we'll see if that comes to fruition. Johnna seems hesitant about it. I'm not worried about my job though, there's a lot that's changed since she left and only I know how to do it, so pfft, good luck replacing me. :V
27 May 2014 @ 09:05 pm
Hahaaa I drove through a massive fucking thunderstorm between Center and Hopewell and then drove through it again when we both reached Cory at the same time. It was awesome. People were pulling off to the side of the road and there were still assholes driving with no headlights. It's still storming too yesssss

Anyway this weekend we went to the DRIVE IN to see Xmen and Spiderman 2 and Alaina you were right Spiderman 2 was really sucky. And we played Cards Against Humanity while we were waiting cause we got there super early and got the spot right in front of the screen fuck yeah and it was hilarious. CAH is the best game. So I didn't know anything about Xmen but it was pretty good though. IDK what the fuck was with Spiderman, like every part that wasn't the electric guy fucking shit up was boring.

Ummm I have not seen my roommate in like days now so IDK what is up with that. I assume she had the holiday weekend off and went and did something. Let's hope. I celebrated Memorial Day by doing nothing like a true American. Actually I played video games pfft. Like a true American.

I also dyed my hair because I found some hair dye when I was cleaning out the bathroom cupboard. It's now extremely dark brown and I like it a lot. Mostly I just wanted to get rid of my highlights because they were so grown out. It's dark enough that if I get called in for jury duty I can pair it with an all black outfit and hopefully get passed on as a weirdo. //thumbs up//

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